About 'King Tut'

This was my first oil painting, painted when I was 18. (But I'm not counting a half-finished attempt of a river that my brother sold at a garage sale for $1.00).
I had yet to take any art classes, except for junior high and high school. However, shortly before painting this, I had a few private lessons from artist Joeseph Vella, who was at that time a co-worker and friend of my mother.
I spent three months painting this by looking at a photo in a souvenir book. I was fascinated by the shiney gold tones.
I was inspired to paint the death mask worn by the Boy King after attending the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's 1978 exhibit on King Tut.

16" x 20" oil on stretched canvas, by Valerie Vinson (last name was Hooper at that time)

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