About 'Untitled'

This is the exterior view of my bedroom window at a rented house I once lived in. The reflection of clothes lines, trees and a power pole can be seen in the glass.  The squiggly lines on the painting are gold paint.

I impulsively painted this in an effort to fend off a depression I was suffering at the time. The sun would shine through the window in the mornings, and from inside the room it had the effect of stained glass. The colors falling upon the room would cheer me up immensely.. Attempts to cheer myself up have usually been one of my main motivations to create art.

I meant to remove and save the glass and put in a new pane when I moved, but, I was exhausted from the packing and I ran out of time. The landlord charged me $150 to scrape off the paint. I find that amusing. It is the only artwork of mine that I had to pay for.

Acrylic on window pane, by Valerie Vinson

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